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Filling in of CMR consignment note, TIR Carnet declarations

CMR consignment note – a document certifying the contract of carriage of goods, which provides for the carrier’s accountability to the consignor and the consignee, it shall be completed for international and domestic carriage. It records all parts of the route:

  • Data of carrier, sender and receiver;
  • Locations of cargo loading and unloading places;
  • Details of the cargo – type and quantity of packaging, goods description,  brutto weight and other details.

Filling in of the CMR consignment note is carried out at the time of shipment

Boxes with explanation for filling in the CMR consignment note:

1. Details of sender (name, address, country);
2. Details of receiver;
3. Final place of unloading (actual destination, which does not necessarily correspond to the consignee’s data);
4. Place and date of loading;
5. Documents accompanying the consignment (ex.: sales invoice, customs documents, etc.);
6. Marks and numbers (ex.: container number);
7. Number of packages (places);
8. Method of packaging (pallets, boxes, rolls, etc.);
9. Cargo (goods) description;
10. CN code of goods;
11. Brutto weight;
12. Cargo volume;
13. Consignor’s instructions (ex.: customs office of destination or any other information relevant to the carrier);
14. and 15.  Information about returns and payment terms (if applicable);
16. and 17.  Details of the carrier (next carrier) (name, address, country);
18. Carrier’s conditions and remarks (ex.: seal number, cargo accpeted);
19. and 20. – information on payment for transport (usually not filled);
21. Place and date of CMR issue;
22. Arrival for loading: time of loading, signature of the sender and stamp;
23. Carrier’s name, surname, signature and stamp vardas, pavardė, parašas ir spaudas;
24. Shipment received: to be completed for arrival unloading, departure time, consignee’s signature and stamp.

TIR Carnet – A document for the international carriage of goods recognized by the Contracting Parties to the TIR Convention. ‘The TIR Convention currently binds 68 Contracting Parties, including the European Community. The scope of the Convention covers the whole of Europe, parts of North Africa, the Middle East and the Middle East. The United States, Canada, Chile and Uruguay are also parties to the TIR Convention. “-

The processing of this document begins in the country of departure. It is used as a control document for the TIR procedure in the countries of departure, transit and destination.

In the case of goods carried under cover of a TIR Carnet, payment of customs duties and other import charges shall be covered by an international guarantee.

The carnet is issued only to carriers belonging to the TIR Carnet Association.

We fill out and electronically declare to customs TIR Carnet in the NCTS system.

Regarding CMR or TIR Carnet completion services get in touch with our certified customs brokers – Contacts



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