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Car and Vehicle Customs Clearance in Lithuania

Car and vehicle customs clearance services in Lithuania are one of the main services provided by customs brokers. In accordance with the relevant laws, we assist in the preparation of documentation and consult customers to provide a smooth experience when dealing with customs clearance of vehicles in Lithuania. We offer the most favorable variations of customs clearance for each client.

Our experts will assist you in declaring the import procedure for both cars and trucks, motorcycles, tractors, tractors, trailers, agricultural machinery and other vehicles. Export declarations for vehicles selling for export to third countries, customs clearance of cars (document confirming the performance of customs procedures) from third countries due to the possibility to register in Lithuania – these services are our strong area.

Vehicles are subject to different rates of duty from 0% to 22%. The experience gained by our certified customs brokers will ensure that the correct product CN code is selected for your vehicle and you do not overpay taxes.

When selling cars for export from the territory of the EU, you are eligible to apply a 0% VAT rate sale if you have documentation for proof of  export. As a customs broker, we offer car export declaration services in Panevėžys, Lithuania (in other cities remotely), consult and prepare applications to customs for completing procedures not closed in the system.

Documents required for customs clearance

Please send us the following scanned or photographed documents for  accurate calculation of customs fees, customs clearance or more detailed consultation:

  • Vehicle technical passport
  • Vehicle purchase documents
  • Copy of persons ID
  • Transportation documents

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The process of clearing a car purchased from Norway, England, Iceland, Switzerland, the USA or other countries on its own is a long and laborious task. You need to gather all the documentation you need for customs, contact the territorial customs officials, and read the regulations and the Union Customs Code consistently and carefully so as not to miss important nuances.

Regarding car and vehicle customs clearance services get in touch with our certified customs brokers – Contacts



We ensure fast, qualified preparation and execution of documents. We physically represent the client in customs during cargo inspections.


We will make sure to classify your goods correctly, this will lead to no overpayed taxes and no unexpected surprises during the tax auditions.


We consult clients and help preparing documentation for customs so that the goods can be released for free circulation swiftly.


We are customer focused, so your interests are our priority. Together we solve problems and find compromises to even most difficult situations.